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Atlanta Life Insurance Company celebrates 113 years of service

Immediate Release: 1 September 2018, Atlanta, Georgia

Nobel Museum highlights the contributions of ALIC Policyholder, Martin Luther King Jr.

Snap-shot of Martin Luther King Policy. 1957

The History of the World is but the Biography of great men

Four years before his own assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his dynamic leadership of the Civil Rights Movement and his steadfast commitment to achieving racial justice through nonviolent action. Dr. King’s legacy will be honored through the September 2019 in A Right to Freedom – Martin Luther King, Jr., the newest exhibition at the Nobel Center in Stockholm, Sweden, which is entirely focused on the Civil Rights icon and the struggle for the equal worth of all people.

An Exhibition with rich content

A Right to Freedom, explores the comprehensive story of Dr. King’s life, including his childhood, Nobel journey, and details of his last years.  One of these details includes the network of community leaders and businesses that supported the work of the Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta Life Insurance Company is proud to be a partner in this exhibit, contributing the original life insurance policy purchased by Dr. and Mrs. King in 1957, a mere seven years before his assassination. A symbol of not only the reach of Atlanta Life Insurance Company, but also the policy also speaks to the black businesses and community leaders that served as a financial guardian of the Movement and followed the leadership of Dr. King and his ideals, thereby expanding his ability to effect change beyond the work of his own life.

Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado, ten-year Herndon Scholar and Nobel Museum exhibit consultant spoke on how original artifacts contextualize the legacy of Dr. King.  “Alonzo Herndon’s only son, Norris Herndon understood the relevance of archiving the insurance policy of Dr. King. Serving as the only original artifact at the Nobel Museum that has a direct link to the slain civil rights leader, it helps visitors to really put into perspective the real danger that Dr. King faced daily in pursuit of securing voting and civil rights legislation for African Americans. Archiving these treasured documents make the work of the Herndon Home and Atlanta Life Insurance Company.”

The Relay

Historically, Atlanta Life Insurance Company, one of the nation’s oldest Black Legal Reserve Companies, did not watch silently from the sidelines as blacks made strives for freedom and equality. Our Founder, former slave and reconstruction era hero, Alonzo Franklin Herndon, instilled in this company a sense of guardianship of black dignity and paved the way for the innumerable ways Atlanta Life Insurance Company would also serve its social corporate responsibility.

The decision of Dr. King to commit his life to the fair and equal treatment of all people was a decision to align himself with the silent heroes of African American history. Heroes who can be credited with building an enterprise with a prevailing social consciousness that could undergird the efforts of families and small businesses that served the movement. “Supporting the struggle for economic dignity, civil rights and the general uplift of Black America and the struggle against racism and bigotry has been a way of life for Atlanta Life over the years.” Jesse Hill Jr., Atlanta Life President 1973.

We believe that our success depends on our ability to support, embolden, and equip our customers for life. “Since December 1905 the mission of Atlanta Life Insurance Company has been to provide financial services solutions, and risk management products in order to help customers manage their financial futures.” Roosevelt Giles, Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Chairman of the Board. Under Mr. Giles leadership Atlanta Life insurance is intent on maintaining the legacy of Founder and Reconstruction Era hero, Alonzo Franklin Herndon, through partnership and support of the Alonzo F. and Norris B. Herndon Foundation and its entrepreneurship training, and scholarship programs. To learn more about Atlanta Life Insurance Company, and our commitment to serving our community please contact the Herndon Foundation at 404.581.9813 or visit http://atlantalifeins.com. For details on A Right to Freedom – Martin Luther King, Jr., visit the Nobel Center website at https://nobelcenter.se.


Board of Trustees Chair, Roosevelt Giles accompanies the sole insurance policy for Martin Luther King Jr. held by Atlanta Life insurance.


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